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Feb 6, 1951 to Jan 26, 1952
Feb 3, 2011 to Jan 22, 2012

Rabbit people love to play under the moonlight. Quite fanciful, they respond to the power and beauty of nature and are always being pulled one way and the other to examine what they find. They are the luckiest of all twelve signs! But, it's more a result of "the harder I work, the luckier I get" than taking crazy chances. They are cautious, conservative, bright, and have a good head for business. Supremely pleasant to have around, these affectionate, naturally shy peacemakers seldom ever lose their temper. They sometimes appear to be singing the blues because of a natural but short-lived tendency towards despondency. Rabbits always inspire deep admiration and trust.

Ginger Soup and Ginger Noodles are among the keys to good health!!


Metal Rabbits make a very big deal about the true lasting values of life. To them, fame is ephemeral but reputation is forever. They are the background movers and shakers, never seeking the limelight themselves but always paving the way for others to become successful. Among Metal Rabbits you may find the book agents, the art critics, teachers, political campaigners and the great organizers. Although too conservative to catapult themselves onto the map, the successful people who have made it because of them are legends. Though not social butterflies, Metal Rabbits are very likable and have tons of friends because of their sincerity and unabashed kindness. Financially, they need to be more conservative! A speculative nature makes them venture into risky territory. If they don't watch their pockets, they're in big time trouble. Love Life, on the other hand, is nearly perfect. The very caring ways of the Metal Rabbit lead them to experience poetically quiet and at the same time exquisitely intense relationships.

Famous RABBIT people: Hu Shih, Hu Yao-Bang, Kim Young Sam, Sally Ride, Leonardo Di Caprio, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Arturo Toscanini, Leontyne Price, Clare Boothe Luce, Tiger Woods.


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