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Feb 20, 1920 to Feb 7, 1921
Feb 16, 1980 to Feb 4, 1981

Monkey people, on their merry way to becoming famous, like to strew memorable bits of impishness and practical jokes along the way. Lots of fun, they also possess a serious side and influence a good many people throughout their lifetime. They know how to accomplish the most difficult of tasks with the greatest of enthusiasm, concentration, and ease. Even so, they can easily get discouraged and confused and MUST do things their way! They often become great mathematicians, super chess players, researchers, entrepreneurs or scientists. And, great mentors! Monkeys have a burning passion for knowledge of every kind and they magically are surrounded by the finer things in life. Life is a big adventure!

Duck Soup and Rice are among the keys to good health!!


When Metal Monkey says no, that's it! They are so strong, so individualistic, and yes, so stubborn, you can talk yourself into the ground trying to convince them to change their mind. They won't budge! But when all is said and done, you admire them for their value system, fortitude, soaring ambition, and tremendous success. Success, after all, is not wishy washy. And Monkeys know the meaning of hard work! What fun the metal monkey is to be around! You can talk about anything under the moon, but beware: they can be pretty persuasive, so stand your ground. Sometimes a Sense of Mischief can rear its head: Sometimes this habit of playing tricks on others leads to a fun round of belly laughter, but other times, too much! They can't always get along with some people because of this mischievous streak. But they don't care. You see, they are quite independent, relying solely on themselves. They have few friends, but great ones. And Grand Romance never takes a holiday with them: a life with Monkeys is Stars in Your Eyes, Romantic High Spirit, and Grand Passion indeed.

Famous Monkey people: Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Dickens, Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci, Simone de Beauvoir, Isaac Stern, George Lucas


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