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FIRE RAT Horoscope
Jan 24, 1936 to Feb 10, 1937
Feb 19, 1996 to Feb 6, 1997

Rat people are so charming and attractive they are always surrounded by friends and admirers. They can also be lone tumbleweeds, seldom making lasting friendships. Known as Perfectionists, they never want to lose face. It takes an understanding friend to get them to "put on the dancing plumes." Rat people have vivid imagination and are known for creating extraordinarily magic moments in time. Not surprisingly, the sensitive Rats have the gift of insight and clairvoyance, so you better watch out what you think around them! Rats enjoy being leaders and pacesetters and usually enjoy extraordinary success in life.

Hearty Bean Soup is one of the keys to good health for a Rat!!


With bon mots and sparking wordplay, the witty Fire Rat engages in spirited discussions and debates on all matters of intellectual inquiry. These free spirits like to find their own way in life and resent well-meaning friends who suggest other ways of doing things. They are independent, that's all, certainly not stubborn, and this independence leads Fire Rats to pursue adventure over status quo, competition over coasting, and persistence over giving up. Free spirits are naturally attracted to other free spirits who approach love with interdependence, never clinging or cloying. Fire Rats are like Flamenco dancers, passion exploding with sensuality. Ardent lovers for sure, Fire Rats are deeply devoted to friends, family, and loved ones.

Famous RAT people: Richard Nixon, Shakespeare, Prince Charles, Julia Child, Louis Armstrong, Prince Andrew, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Kathleen Battle, Albert Finney


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