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Feb 12, 1956 to Jan 30, 1957

Monkey people, on their merry way to becoming famous, like to strew memorable bits of impishness and practical jokes along the way. Lots of fun, they also possess a serious side and influence a good many people throughout their lifetime. They know how to accomplish the most difficult of tasks with the greatest of enthusiasm, concentration, and ease. Even so, they can easily get discouraged and confused and MUST do things their way! They often become great mathematicians, super chess players, researchers, entrepreneurs or scientists. And, great mentors! Monkeys have a burning passion for knowledge of every kind and they magically are surrounded by the finer things in life. Life is a big adventure!

Duck Soup and Rice are among the keys to good health!!


Like its name, the Fire Monkey is ON FIRE! Combustible Energy spewing like a volcano, they give life to all their undertakings. When they start projects, you can be sure the results will reflect their giant creative imagination - everything bursts with an originality which can never be cloned! Life is alive with reds and yellows, never browns and beige. Super idealistic, they like to take chances and are never satisfied with the status quo. Fire Monkeys are very competitive, with the drive to be the best they can be, always on top. No one resents them, though. They are very well liked and always get a lot of help from others with their projects. They are in love with Love and Love Affairs and need to control the wandering eye. The Male Fire Monkey, especially, tends to be a bit of an unabashed Don Juan playboy type and needs to be wary of hurting others.

Famous Monkey people: Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Dickens, Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci, Simone de Beauvoir, Isaac Stern, George Lucas


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