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EARTH OX Horoscope
Jan 29, 1949 to Feb 16, 1950
Jan 26, 2009 to Feb 13, 2010

Oxen in China are put on a pedestal. So it goes with Oxen people. Oxen are bright, peace-loving, often easy-going and trusting. But, on the other hand, they can also be stubborn, methodical, and fiercely competitive, with, shudder, fierce tempers to boot. Oxen are natural born mentors and life is filled with examples of people who have gone on to great success because of them. Mentally and physically alert to the point of genius, many Oxen belong to Mensa. They can create the most imposing structures, magnificent sculpture, and homes. They respond like poets to the beauties of nature and of solitude. Oxen are unique, they are The Flower that bursts through the crack of cement.

Bird's Nest Soup and Bean Curd are among the keys to good health!!


Most people can tell the difference between sugar and saccharine and with Earth Oxen you know exactly which is which. Known for their utter sincerity, honesty, and kindness, Earth Oxen will never lead you astray. Friendship is true; communication is open; and they can always be depended on for utmost fairness in their dealings with everyone. These brave souls go resolutely through life making order out of chaos, fighting windmills and coming through as winners at every turn. Years of hard work have led them to have very successful careers with hardly any problems at all in the financial arena. Romance with Earth Oxen flourishes! Love is a living thing with them that is nourished with reciprocal kindness, sympathy, and understanding. They dance the dance of love with grace, elegance, and style.

Famous Ox People: Tung Chee-Hwa, Sukarno, Richard Burton, Napoleon, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, Margaret Mead, Jawaharlal Nehru, Eisaku Sato, Princess Diana


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