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Feb 11, 1918 to Jan 31, 1919
Feb 7, 1978 to Jan 27, 1979

Horse people have a balance of the best kind of qualities. Have you ever seen a wild horse on the beach, with flying mane and flaring nostrils, every muscle bursting with life and je ne sais quois? Without a doubt, the Horse is the standard for grace, strength, rhythm and nobility. They have an amazing capacity for hard work. As a result, they know great success and financial security in their lifetimes. Often quite ostentatious, they enjoy being with large crowds and always seek out the grand and magnificent. They need people and have a weakness for those of the opposite sex. You can often find Horses at concerts, music festivals, and the Super Bowls of life.

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With head held high, the mighty Earth Horse never has to apologize, never has the pangs of a guilty conscience gnawing away the very soul. The life of the Earth Horse passes all scrutiny. Earth Horses are elegant, spirited, and adventurous creatures. Poetry in motion! Earth Horses are among the most generous and caring of friends, tolerant of their friends' shortcomings, never judging, never showing cynicism. They blend the right balance of sympathy and empathy. As faithful and unwavering as the Horses are in their devotion to friends, it is important to tell you that they are never weaklings or martyrs. Their inherent dignity and pride demand honor and admiration. Earth Horses appreciate the good things of life and because of their dedication to their careers, have the financial resources to keep life on a steady keel. When it comes to Love & Relationships, life for the Earth Horse is exceedingly sad and dreary without love. The Earth Horse will go the extra length to please their partners. They love wild and romantic weekends and traditional whisperings of sweet nothings. They pass a happy life, their blood coursing with life bursting cadence.

Famous Horse People: Duke of Windsor, Princess Margaret, Billy Graham, Igor Stravinsky, Bertrand Russell, Joseph Haydn, Barbra Streisand, Nelson Mandela, Anwar Sadat, Neil Armstrong


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