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Lady Chang Er

     Legendary, the story is around 2170 B.C., during King Yao's Lady Chang_errule, ten suns appeared in the sky. Because the heat from these suns endangered crops, wildlife and the very existence of people, King Yao asked a famous archer to shoot down nine of the ten suns.  After shooting the extra suns down, the archer Hou Yi asked for the hand of the Emperor's beautiful daughter, Chang Er, as a reward.

Hou Yi took good care of Chang Er but she remained indifferent to him, always considering herself the most beautiful woman in the world.

Meanwhile, the king was worried the extra suns would appear again and cause a new disaster so he gave Hou Yi a pill that was said to ensure immortality. But Chang Er learned of this pill and decided that she could make better use of it herself.

Therefore, she swallowed the pill and immediately started floating into the air to escape from her husband. She soon reached the moon, where she remains, transformed into a toad as punishment. Hou Yi loved divinely his beautiful wife so very much so he did not shoot the moon down.  Leaving the poor Hou Yi to see only the shadow of his vain wife, and only when the moon is full.





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